Home from La Boheme

Last Saturday, we went to see La Boheme, a favorite of mine.  And, obviously, for many others.  It was played in two theatres.  We were closer than I care to be, but in a very nice reclining chair.

Afterward, we got seafood.  Win got shrimp and I had crab cakes which pretty good, but not as good as mine.  They came with a terrible sauce that I took as an insult to the crab.  The waiter saw me remove the sauce to the other side of the table.  I told him exactly what I thought of it and to bring some Worcestershire.  I like a bit.  The sweet potato was good.  The green beans were wallowing in butter.

On my way home, I stopped at Wegman’s.  They have the Silk  yogurt that I can eat.  I bought Sweetums a loaf of crusty bread that he loves and two bags of my favorite oranges.  I wish they were closer.  I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for food.

I also stopped at Cloverhill.  I needed another ball of red yarn and I wanted to look around.  Even though it has been through four owners, it has remained a great shop.  And, of course, I bought more yarn.

  Socks for me and Win.  A sweater for my soon-to-be great-nephew.



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