Trying to Get Things Accomplished

Last night I finished the main pieces for my pullover.  Tonight, I ‘ll put the shoulders together using the three needle bind-off.  I also hope to finish the neckband.  Then, I need to blanket stitch the side seams and, lastly, rib around the bottom.

sweater 003  It’s a simple two stitch, one row pattern with a knit at the beginning and end of each row.  Yarn over, slip slip knit-a no-brainer.  If you must knit when you have a roaring headache, this is a great pattern.  The yarn I used is mostly silk which has very little give.  I went up a needle size in order to get the right ‘look’.

I’m really happy to be finally completing this top.  It should have been finished weeks ago.  I had no idea headaches could be so debilitating.

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  1. Andrea @ This Knitted Life Says:

    Headaches? Oh no. I can’t do anything with a headache. Feel better soon and happy knitting.

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