Waiting for My Sweater to Dry

I finished my sweater Sunday night.  The construction was not like anything I’ve done before.  I really enjoyed making it.  There were no seams to sew, only ends to weave in.  It is called Hitatude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu.  This designer has several other patterns, but this is the only one that I wanted to knit.

cake 007  Here it is on Monday before blocking.  I was busy and didn’t get to blocking until Tuesday.  And now, it’s still a little damp, especially the sleeves.  I’m hoping for Saturday.  I want to wear it.  The weather is perfect for it.

sweater 004  Waiting!

I’m going to knit socks next.  I got these out from Knitcircus, but I haven’t decided.

007  What to do?  What to do?

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