Trip to Fine Needle

Yesterday, I went with some friends to the Fine Needle in Snow Hill.  Stacy is closing the shop and starting a different career.  It’s great that she can do this, but we will greatly miss her.  She will be open on Saturday at 8AM to 1PM.  Everything is on sale.  All books are $5 and patterns are free.  The most that I paid for anything was less than half price. I got sock yarn for $1 and 1200 yards of 100% alpaca lace weight for $15.  I bought a very nice kit for $15.


We all  had a great time, but,I, for one, will miss the shop.  At least Stacy promised to come to knitting group when she can.

buttons 001   I bought buttons, too!  Yeah.  I know.  They’re brown and I’m a color person.


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