I Was Underwhelmed

My yarn club came today.  I was looking forward to it because several weeks ago, they asked which colors I preferred.  One of the choices was reds, and that’s what I was expecting.  What I got was one wine, one grey and one black.  I looked at the pattern and I said, “oh.”  I honestly expected so much more from Miss Babbs.  I have gotten some absolutely beautiful yarn from them.  The stuff the I got today was down right dull.  I am so disappointed.  I’ll be looking elsewhere for a yarn club next year.  Hells.  Bells.

005  This is the sock yarn dyed especially for Sheep and Wool.  I thought it was a little tame, but it should make nice socks.

003  This my club installment.  It’s lace weight silk and wool which is nice.  Lace weight should be soft and lacy, not geometric.  I have some yellow-orange alpaca that I plan to add.  It should help soften the look.  So.  I guess I’ll go look at patterns.

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