I Am An Imperfectionist!

I’m not perfect.  Really.  Who wants to be?  I like my knitting to be tidy.  But it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Tidy is not another meaning for perfect.  Take this sweater.

001  It is tidy, but it’s not perfect.

Look at this.

001  For some reason, I did not make all the decreases called for at the left front neck.  Did I  fix it? Obviously not.  I sewed the shoulder seams together taking in the consideration that I had those extra stitches.  And when I picked up stitches for the ribbed collar, I just picked up along where the edge should have been.  Did it matter?

002  Even with the front open, the excess stitches cannot be seen.

I may be a tidyist, but it doesn’t mean I am a perfectionist.

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