Knitting Plans have been Thrown Out the Window

I tried.  Really I did.  But I forgot something.  It’s called Christmas.  It all started a couple of weeks ago.  Fer and I were in a knitting shop when she spotted some yarn she liked, so I bought it.  I thought, I could squeeze in one pair of socks with my Must Complete Before Anything Else projects.  My little coppery scarf was almost finished at the time.  I could do it.


It was fun to make and it looks good with a turtleneck.  I should have laid it out on something that contrasts. 

I started making the socks.  The pattern is fairly simple and they should be finished this evening.  They are striping nicely.


So, everything was going along as planned when a friend asked if I would make short finger gloves for her Mother for Christmas.  She is in and out with her job and needs them for cold days.  I couldn’t say no.  She even had an outline of her hand.  OK.  We can do this.    I had some blue, rust and tan yarn that looked good in a DK weight.  They won’t take long.  Then, I can get back to my unfinished projects.

Wait a minute.  My grandson wants me to make a scarf for his girlfriend.  Well.  I can’t say no to my grandson.  You know?  I found some red yarn that is smooth wool, rayon ribbon and furry.  That’ll work.

Maybe finishing those other projects will be my new years resolution.



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