Finished At Long Last

P1050699  What a pain in the butt were these socks!  I am so happy that they are completed.  I tried following the directions.  Honest. I did.  But I didn’t like the way they were going.  The toe didn’t fit my toes.  I wanted my usual rounded toe.  My toes demanded it.  But these are toe up socks.  And my toes said, “So?”  I started the second sock from the top.  I used a simple knit two, purl two rib.  I t looked much better so I took out the rib oon the first sock and changed it, too.  I thought about the heel, but I went with the same afterthought one.  I’d liked the contrast.  I made my usual rounded toe and tried it on.  it fit just right.  Happy toes.  Happy feet.  Happy me.

Removing the unwanted toe was time-consuming.  At times I wondered why I was doing this.  I thought about tossing them.  But I couldn’t.  They have to be right.  They have to be finished.  I have to be satisfied.  That’s all there is to it.

I’ll be working on the copper colored scarf next.

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  1. Sharon Rawlette Says:

    I admire your patience in undoing the toe and reknitting. You’re a true craftsperson!

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