The Happiest Day of My Life

A friend of mine was married last winter.  She said it was the happiest day of her life.  I could tell that she honestly meant it. I was very happy for her.  It got me thinking.  What was my happiest day?  What has made me genuinely happy in my life?

The day I graduated from high school?  I was really happy that day.  I hated school, all twelve years of it!  I couldn’t understand why so many of them were crying.

The day I left home?  I was happy and scared at the same time. 

The day I got married?  The first time I was too young and too stupid.  The second time?  Hardly.  I had known Sweetums for ten years!  It was more like, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” 

The birth of my children?  Well. Yeah.  They are definitely high on the list.  But, my daughter came so fast, I never had time to think about it.  My son took longer, four hours, but I was twenty years older this time.  I think maybe this was Sweetums’ happiest day, even though he was a wreck.  There were so many doctors and nurses coming in ad out that it was almost comical.  I truly believe that if someone said to Sweetums, “You can go home and hide under the bed now”, he would have.  Somehow, he managed to stick it out  to the end.  He only turned green twice.  That’s my Sweetums.  You gotta love him.

The day my son received his college diploma?  I was really happy.  I quite honestly never believed it would happen.  But, he did it.  And I am so very proud of him!

Still not there yet.  But, you know.  You’re going to have to wait.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not.  I need to make carnitas, and , well, I really have to pee.  Love you.


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  1. sheila Says:

    Dont know what mine was. I quess it hasnt happened yet. Will let you know when it does. Im 71 it better hurry up.

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