I Didn’t Want to Do It

I had no choice.  I didn’t know how long I would have to stay.  It had been snowing for hours.  I knew I wouldn’t be going home that day.  Luckily, my daughter came to the rescue.  She’ll drive anywhere.  She had errands to run and was going to Westminster anyway.  She helped me take my machine to Jomax for its overhaul.  We went shopping and finished at the supermarket.  I bought some chops to cook for supper.

Oh. Yeah.  The thing I had to do?  I bought yarn at Micheals.  I NEVER buy yarn at Micheals.  This one only had Lion Brand and Red Heart.  Arg.  I did manage to find something of interest that I could use with the needles I brought with me.  I was saved.  I could make it here one more day.  You see.  I had just about finished the project I came with.  I had to have something to do for one more day.  You understand, don’t you? 

Going to Micheals had one pleasant note.  I meant two very ladies who were just starting to knit and we chatted for a bit.

And the worse thing happened.  I didn’t even need the d**n yarn!


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