The Best Part of Being “Tutored”

I got to go outside!  It was wonderful!  I knew it was there.  I could smell it on the Aunties whenever they came inside.  I was a little afraid at first.  Auntie Flo and Auntie Cora like to tell horror stories—-like being carried off by eagles and eaten by bugs if you lay in the grass too long.  I tried to keep busy and when I was tired, I laid on the back stoop.

After a few hours, Mom picked me up and brought me in.  I was really sleepy.

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  1. impetua Says:

    It’s funny, I never knew that my cat Ringo was a ragdoll until I started following your blog. He looks nearly identical to Rue and is super mellow, very relaxed, always let my daughter moosh him around however she pleased when she was a baby. He even let her pull him around the house in a little red wagon when she was about two and a half! He was a rescue that had been brought into my sister-in-law’s vet clinic, allegedly a stray, with such a bad case of ringworm that he was nearly bald (hence the name). When his fur grew back in it was slightly longer than a shorthair and looked kind of rumpled, but gave no indication of the luxurious coat that he later grew as he matured. I rather wish I had not lost him in the divorce…

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