Insanity and Organization

I had to do it.  I kept thinking about all that yarn in those cardboard boxes that I couldn’t see.  I knew there was really good stuff in there.  But I didn’t know what was where.  I wound up filling fifteen clear containers.  Sweetums was very helpful and even repositioned some of the shelves to efficiently accommodate the containers.   I kept out yarn for four planned sweaters for 2011.  The job took about three days.  I was surprised at the amount of Colinette I had.  Colinette anyone? I could make you such a deal!

I still need to organize the rolling carts.  That’s where I plan to put all the smaller hanks and skeins.  There are too many little drawers and not enough big ones.  One section of twelve small drawers has become my new needle case.

I spent yesterday organizing my needles.  When we were pulling out yarn, Sweetums found the rest of them.  I knew I had more.  I just didn’t know where.  I dumped all of them onto the dining room table and arranged them according to size.  First I did the circulars and then the double points.  I managed to get most into their original plastic sleeves.  I only had a few of each left over.  Starting with the largest size, I looked at each one and determined which were worth keeping.  I got rid of all the Pony Pearl(poor join, stiff wire, came apart) and most of the Susan Bates(kept the 11″ ones).  I even have some Addi Turbo in there.  I also added all my old metal double-pointed needles.  I’m thinking about adding the large sizes since I haven’t used them in years.  But.  You never know.

I finally finished the cloche.  I had to add the contrast band and flower.  It didn’t look right without them.  It fits well, coming down over my ears for those cold windy walks along the river.  And I have almost finished the tam.  Here, again, I had it half made and took it apart.  I didn’t like the band.  I should finish it tonight and might have a picture tomorrow, if I blog.  Next up: an orange hat.  But, wait a minute, I still have some of this yarn left.  Maybe I’ll make a pair of mittens, too.

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  1. Betty Says:

    Absolutely love the cloche! Love how you finished it off – perfect!!! And I love seeing pics of your kitties!!! My how curious they are!!!!!

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