Just a Common Tabby Cat My Foot!

She is making me crazy.  From  spending two nights in a row out to having to get stitches.  I keep telling her she is just a common tabby cat and she can easily be replaced, but does she listen?  No!  She just goes out and gets in more trouble.  Then she curls up around your neck, purrs loudly and kneads you while getting blood all over your favorite Tigger shirt while waiting at the vets.  She knows Mommy will make everything better.  So yesterday, she was scrubbed, shaved and stitched and feeling pretty pooky.   She doesn’t care much for her medicine, but she is still pretty weak.  In a few days, we’ll probably have a hell of a time getting it in her.  She is getting better.  She used the potty this morning and walked to the back bathroom to get a drink of water.  She’s back to sleeping in her cubby in the junk room.  I don’t think she’ll be getting in our bed for a while or pretending she’s another cookie jar on top of my kitchen cabinets.  And where are these stitches?  I wanted to take a picture, but she was too embarrassed and curled her tail around them  I think she called me a pervert.  Her diction is off due to her medication.  I said it was for research.  She told me I was full of it. I promised I wouldn’t say, but I will tell you this.  She won’t be holding her tail high for a while, especially when she running away from something with very sharp claws.  And it’s a good thing her medicine gives her loose BMs.   You know, she wouldn’t have these problems if she would just come in with the others.  But no, she has to stay out and play with her “other” friends.  Bold words for a Common Tabby Cat.

It’s a good thing she’s been fixed.



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