Home Improvement is a Pain in the Butt

I haven’t blogged the past few days because we weren’t getting a good connection.  It was so slow it made me crazy and sometimes it would simply disconnect.  I think it all started when Doug and Frank were trying to put a phone jack on the new wall.  They finally decided it was one of the wires.  Doug kept coming up with various reasons.  He played with this.  He played with that.  My laptop was doing all right by late last night.  This morning, I had no connection again.  I was so pissed!!   I had to use the desktop to get my embroidery design.  It still seemed slow.  Doug was so nonchalant about it.   We are not certain what the problem was, but I’m starting to think it was a combination of things.  Now, they are both running smoothly and I am a happy camper once more.  I don’t need super fast.  I just expect it to do something when I click the mouse.



Flo keeps an eye on Frank

 You never know.  He might steal Skunky.

I am so glad that Frank is back.  Things were in flux for about a week.  There was a death in the family and they had gone to New York.  If it weren’t for his accent, I would never have believed he wasn’t a local.  He’s a typical lower slower Delaware kind of guy.


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