My Poor Baby

Sweetems went for a colonoscopy this morning.  He spent all evening drinking a gallon of vile liquid and didn’t get much sleep due to having to spend so much time on the toilet.  he slept during the procedure and for almost three hours when we came home.  I was awake when I had mine.  I don’t see how he can sleep like that.  Whenever I try to nap in the afternoon, I find myself staring at the ceiling.

I did get a lot of knitting accomplished this morning.  One booties is finished except for sewing.  And I didn’t change much of anything.  If there is something on TV tonight worth watching, I should finish that and, hopefully, have a picture for tomorrow.  I am really getting anxious to start my socks, but I still have a baby hat to make and maybe a few other little things.

I decided to take Gus for a walk on my own.  He didn’t get one this morning.  We didn’t go to the horse farm or through the woods due to the rough terrain.  There is also still a lot of water at the horse farm.  Some of the paddocks haven’t been used in weeks.

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