Panera Bread in Salisbury

After knitting group, three of us went over to Panera Bread for supper.  The other two were happy with their salads.  I was disappointed with the tomatoes.  They were light pink Styrofoam.  I have been getting the best tomatoes this summer.  I found it sickening that they would have hothouse tomatoes shipped in from God knows where.  The tomato soup was good, but I would have preferred that they had asked me if I wanted croutons before putting them on top.  The coffee was good, too, even the decaf.

Word to the wise.  Never buy coffee at Applebee’s.


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One Response to “Panera Bread in Salisbury”

  1. Christine Says:

    Thank you for the heads up on the coffe at Applebee’s! We learned this trip to never never eat at Denny’s. LOL I think that was the worst meal I have ever had the misfortune of paying for!

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