Opera Gloves are Finished

I am happy with them,but I don’t think I used the best yarn for the pattern.  The only trouble is—–they look GREAT!  So what do you do? 

I started making socks.  I decided on Hypnosis from The Eclectic Sole.  The Mini Moochi is a wonderfully soft yarn, but I worry about durability.  You can’t have everything.

071109 009I took off the first thumb I made and did a matching color.  You can’t even tell where I picked up the stitches and knit in the opposite direction.  I like the yellow finger.

071109 001I thought about putting the thumb I removed onto the other glove, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

If your arms are not model skinny, I would suggest adding more increases.  I added three sets for a total of twelve stitches.  I made the first two increases where they are on the pattern, then I switched to every seventh row.  They fit perfectly.

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