Vogue Knitting Opera Gloves

062209 010

What am I going to do with opera gloves?  I haven’t been to the opera in years, but I have to make them.  These start at the fingertips and finish at the elbows.  It should be fun.  I also love the yarn—Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace.  I’m going to make socks, too.

062209 015  Today’s progress


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2 Responses to “Vogue Knitting Opera Gloves”

  1. Linda Hillin Says:

    Looks like you’ve set yourself up for quite a project. I hope you’ll keep us posted as you move along.

  2. Thordis Bjarney Says:

    Hi. I also knitted these gloves, very nice to knit, but I changed the pattern, did lace with pearls.

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