Hooter and the Hooterettes

Hooter was Elvis’s mother.  She was a black and white Angora type.  Her first litter consisted of Bunny, Terry, Sammie and Ben.  The second was Elvis, Mitzi, Spot and Rocky.  Hooter had calcium deficiency with the second litter and we had to bottle feed them.  I kept Elvis and Spot and mother took Mitzi and Rocky.  My daughter came over at lunch time to feed them.  For a few weeks, it was pretty hectic, but they all made it.  We called them Hooter and the Hooterettes.  Now they are all gone. I love the thought of them all performing together in Kitty Graceland.  Thanks, Janice, for putting this picture in my head.

Olive misses her friend

Olive misses her friend

I called my son to tell him about Elvis and said I was going to look for another.  He immediately asked if Iwas coming.  He wanted to come, too.  So, I’m going to Reisterstown tomorrow for a few days.  There are some shelters where I intend to look.  I’ve always had good luck with them.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Keep us posted on your search and give Olive some extra TLC in hte meantime. She is a real cutey.

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