Guess What I Learned

Canadians have fur.  I got it straight from the horses mouth.  So that’s why they can live up there.  Sh.  Don’t tell anyone.  I wonder.  Do Alaskans have fur?  And what about people in places like North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming?  Do they lick there fur dry?  The mind boggles.  Maybe they are changelings.  Was Anne McCaffrey right?

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One Response to “Guess What I Learned”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hahaha! You kill me. I may have fur but I do not have a horse face. Hahaha! Seriously…there are times that I wish I had fur. It would go a long way in the prevention of frostbite!

    The first year that I moved to Canada I did not know that people could freeze. I stood out in the deep freeze waiting for a bus. I did not have proper winter boots yet. When my toes no longer hurt I thought they had warmed up. I was so wrong. They quit hurting because they were frozen! I froze my toes so bad that the outer skin turned black a peeled off. I was lucky not to have lost any of my toes. Let me tell you they sure hurt when they thaw out. Big girls do cry! I hope I have not grossed you out to bad.

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