I would never own a boat, but our neighbors do, so we went for a ride.

This is the train bridge.  It has to be turned ninety degrees when a train comes.  It’s flat here you know.  Last year when we were out, the thing got stuck closed and they had to wait for someone to come and fix it.  The tide was getting too low to go up our creek so Paul went down the river and parked at another neighbors pier.  It was less than a half mile from home, so we walked. 

You can’t see my house from the river, but this one is on the other side of our creek.  We are around the corner.  

Work is in progress on the Woodland Ferry.  It is supposed to be finished in November.  I won’t be out on the river to find out.  I may take the ferry.



I like the stop sign.  More tomorrow.  I’m going to bed.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Very neat pictures. I double clicked on them so I could see them better. I have never seen a train bridge quite like that one. Thank you for the tour.

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