Yesterday was Pretty Lame

I know.  I wasn’t in the mood.  I wanted to get to bed early, but it didn’t happen.  It got humidduring the night and we had to turn the air on this morning.  Our morning walk was pretty awful and we were glad to get back.  We’ve been spoiled by all the lovely weather.   

The index finger is finished except for the sewing.  I prefer to only get my needle out when it is absolutely necessary.  It was supposed to be three squares wide and high.  That made it way too big.  I like my gloves to fit.  I do have gloves that are too big, but they go over my other gloves.  I don’t do that much anymore because I don’t find myself standing around in the cold waiting for public transportation.  I have nothing against it.  It’s just that I no longer have to wait for the 0530AM train in the middle of winter.  Yeah.  OK.  Let’s get back to the finger.  It wound up being 2 and 2/3 squares wide.  The third that is missing is not noticeable because it is on the inside by the middle finger.  The directions also called for three complete squares high before starting the decrease.  I started decreasing in the third row of blocks.  I decreased in the full ones and started decreasing in the 2/3 block when it had the same number of stitches.  It turned out very well and fits perfectly. 

I have since started the thumb which was also too big so it is being redone.  One of the nice things about gloves is mistakes are so little.

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  1. Christine Says:

    It is cold and rainy here today…a welcome reprieve from the heat. Your gloves are just clicking along. They should be done by winter. I should resurrect my sweater.

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