What Can I Say? Another Great Day

I don’t think it got up to 80 today.  The geese seem confused.  Little groups of them are flying around in different directions with their horns blasting.  Can you imagine what they’d be like if they had drivers licenses?   I would like to say something about Canadians here, but I won’t.

Sanquhar Gloves

Sanquhar Gloves


As you can see, much progress was made on my gloves.  I even made it through the dreaded thumb gusset.

Maude helping

Maude helping

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3 Responses to “What Can I Say? Another Great Day”

  1. Sara Says:

    Those are COOL gloves!

  2. autumnblossomknits Says:

    sounds like a beautiful day. The weather out here on the west coast has been cool for the last 2 days too, a welcome respite from the 100 degree temperature of late. I’m hoping that it cools down soon so I have an excuse to wear your socks as soon as they get here! Your sweater is almost done, just need to do the accent ruffle and attach a bow!

  3. Christine Says:

    I wonder what you were going to say about Canadians??? Somehow me thinks that you figure we drive like the geese fly?? I will have you know that geese are very accurate and always seem to get to their destinations on time and safe. They have built in GPS. Hahaha! Honk Honk!

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