Happy Harry’s/Walgreens

I decided to try the new Happy Harry’s for a prescription and looked around the place while I was there.  I bought shampoo, conditioner and hand cream in the store brand that actually said “not tested on animals”.  I think I am going to like this store.  I should have looked for deodorant, but I was so excited with all that I found that I forgot all about  it.  Another senior moment.

The quilt back is coming along.  I have several four inch strips that I am sew to the panels I made.  I think I will also sew a row down the middle.  Maybe I will get to quilting it next week.  I worked on the socks, too.  One inch to go and I will be weaving in the ends.  Then I can start on the Scottish Sanquhar gloves.  I can’t decide on which two colors to use.  What do you think?

black and pink or purple and lilac

black and pink or purple and lilac

3 Responses to “Happy Harry’s/Walgreens”

  1. Janice Says:

    Now I love pink more than anything, but I vote for the purple and lavender in this case.
    Here’s a question. Are Birkenstocks sandals or shoes?

  2. nancy Says:

    I like the lavender.

  3. nancy Says:

    oops! I mean the lilac!

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