New Cup

We walked down to the river this morning.  The lawn guy was at the home on the other side of the path.  His dog was in his pick-up and he took off after Gus.  At least the dog knew some commands and I got him to return with “GO” and pointing.  We headed back through the woods instead of the road.  Doug walked ahead and clipped branches and sprouts.  It reminded me of those English novels where the servants would go ahead making everything comfortable for the ladies.  I was chuckling to myself.  Doug can be such a sweetie at times.  Other times, I just want to shoot him.

I found a replacement for my beloved Chesapeake Cat Club cup.  It is shorter and wider and I can get more ice cubes in it.  Isn’t it Cute?  elephant cupelephant cup







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  1. Christine Says:

    I was sure that I left a comment here yesterday? All about how it would be nice to have herons and turtles in my back yard. I did see a great big jack rabbit in the alley. That is about as good as it gets around here. Libby cat keeps trying to get my attention. she is standing over the keyboard and bumping my hand.

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