A Little Storm Blew Through

elvisIt has really cooled down.  The air conditioning is off and the windows are open.  I love it.  It will make for good sleeping tonight.  Maude and Zip were not happy about the rain, but they eventually got to go back out.  Elvis went to bed.  It’s too cold for him.  We had taken this storm window out to fix it and Elvis decided it was a good place to nap.  At first, I thought his tail was stuck.  He is really getting strange in his old age.

I got in about two hours of knitting on my socks this afternoon.  I was watching my neighbor make a fool of himself.  He was hauling buckets of water down his driveway to water some  plants and a tree he planted.  This was the second time he has done this since he planted them six weeks ago.  We all have bets on how long the poor things are going to last.  We decided that he doesn’t know that you can actually screw hoses together.  He has an irrigation system, but it needs repair.  Wouldn’t you have the repair work done before spending a lot of money on flowers, plants, bushes and trees?  What do I know?  At least it made for good entertainment while knitting.  Speaking of knitting, my sweater is slowly moving along.  It takes me one and a half hours to knit two rows.  Now that there is nothing good watchable on television, this sweater is going to take a long time to finish.  Zippo

I was checking my stats today.  I have had over 500 hits on my entrelac hat pattern and an average of 11 people a day reading this crap.  How cool is that?  Thanks guys!  Even if you don’t comment.

The sun came out right after the storm, but I didn’t see a rainbow.  Neither did Zip.


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  1. Christine Says:

    You are so funny. Now…if you could get those readers to de-lurk! I have lots of lurkers too. I always wonder who they are.

    Maybe it is nice and warm behind that pane of glass…kind of like a green house.

    Our new neighbors got rid of their vegetable garden by putting new turf in. They did not water it so now they have dead turf. They are British and have no idea about gardening. This is the first yard they have had to take care of. I think they are going to kill the whole thing. Anyway…they are very entertaining.

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