Yeah, The Sun is Out

Noro sockI finished one sock.  It was fun to make.  The yarn is a bit wonky, but it should soften after washing.The yarn is 30% nylon so I am assuming they will last.  The yarn over have me worried.  Maybe I will give them to someone and let them worry about it.

I spent a long time going through the new software and moving things around to where I liked them.  I have a better understanding of what it can do and I am beginning to like it.


Mother\'s Day

I got this from my children.  It’s really great because it is actually five potted flowers that I can plant outside and enjoy for months to come.  Do they know me or what?

I have never been big on Mother’s Day and they know it, but sometimes I get something neat like this and that what makes it really special.  When they were little, I didn’t really have any money for extras.  We celebrated birthdays and Christmas and I made them up for Halloween.  I told them that I knew they loved me as much as I loved them and gifts were not necessary.  When they started school, they brought me homemade cards that I still have ‘somewhere’. 

Are those walls too pink?  They make me feel happy.  It beats the crap out of the nothing color that was up there before.

MD cardinside

Isn’t this a great card?  Socks are very important to me.  I have two drawers of them.  I can’t stand getting my feet dirty. 


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2 Responses to “Yeah, The Sun is Out”

  1. Christine Says:

    Love the socks! Flowers for the yard are a great gift. Lucky lady.

  2. Janice Says:

    No such thing as too pink!

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