Felting the Bag

Set your machine on HOT.  Add a little soap or detergent.  Don’t let it fill too much.  Set it on Small or Medium.  Remember, you will be sticking your hand in there.  Set for at least 15 minutes.  Stop it before it changes cycle.  Pull it out and take a look.  It probably won’t be shrunk enough yet.  It usually takes my washer at least two cycles before it’s felted to where I want it.  I also put in the empty Downy ball to help knock it around.  I just stop the machine and reset it.  After 5 minutes into the second cycle, I’ll start pulling it out at 5 minute intervals until it gets to where I want it.  Then I let the machine do it’s thing.  I set mine on two rinses.  After the final spin, I shape it and stuff it with plastic bags to dry.  I also stick a pen in the buttonhole. 

And this

becomes this. 


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  1. Sara Says:

    Very nice!!

  2. Christine Says:

    Looks great and thanks…now I understand about felting.

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