Playing with new Software

You know, you can fiddle with it just so long and then you have to do something else.  I downloaded more pictures and video this morning.  I had gotten into the habit of deleting pictures after I downloaded them, but now I don’t know how.  I am so blind that I needed a full size picture in order to decide.  I also need to figure out how to put videos into my blog.  I tried to get Maude screaming to go out, but she just looked at me like I was some kind of idiot.  I guess I will have to go get the manual and give up playing around, but not today.

  Here’s some of the goslings with Mama.  There are three families that come through.  It’s usually in the early morning or evening, but these were kind enough to stop by in the middle of the afternoon.





Here’s a young Great Blue Heron.  This was taken during low tide.  He was walking along the edge of our little island. 

Do you see why it is hard to get me to go anywhere?  





I think I should have made the flap a little bigger.  At least I remembered to put in a buttonhole.  I have the pattern about half written with the rest in scribbly note form.  I’ll have to work on that.  I also need to make a free pattern page.


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  1. Christine Says:

    How do you felt the bag? It looks great! The only way that I know of that you can put video on your blog, as far as I know, Is to put it on You Tube first. I sure can see why it would be hard to get you to go anywhere.

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