MD Sheep & Wool

Oh, man.  Am I tired!  I made it through the whole show in 3 1/2 hours.  Am I good or what.  And I got what I came for.  I did buy a few extras.  I was able to get more yarn to turn the vest kit that I bought last year into a sweater.  She didn’t have the sweater pattern to sell separately, but she I could go directly to the designer for it.  After looking at the sweater, I decided that I didn’t need the sweater pattern.  I found the 47″ 000 needle that Stitches didn’t.  I also found finger weight black at a reasonable price.  Now I can fix my old poncho.  I bought a purse pattern, socks pattern and some markers.  The pins were disappointing so none were bought.  I also got a skein of red and purple in cotton and rayon.  I figure, if I ever join one of those Red Hat clubs, I can make a hat out of it.

It was a perfect day for being outside–sunny, upper 60s to 70 degrees, low humidity with a light breeze.  I bought a waffle cone.  It was yummy.

I have pictures tomorrow.



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  1. Christine Says:

    I had a great day at the auction…no waffle cones but a piece of puffed wheat cake and a large coffee…lots of visiting and the auctioneers were a show in themselves.

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