A New Purse

I decided that I needed a new purse. Should I knit it or sew it? My sewing cabinet is closed and both machines are on the floor. Besides, I need to work on clue #3 first. Fortunately, I usually have three knitting projects going a the same time. I looked through several books, but I didn’t see what I wanted so I am knitting something I hope will look all right. I didn’t have any trouble finding yarn. Here’s what I pulled out.

The tan and grey stuff is from an Einstein jacket that I made as a sample for someone. The sweater was boring and so was the color so I dressed it up using Nicky Epstein’s embellishment book. I’ll dig it out one of these days and cut off about a foot of the bottom. I don’t like wearing anything that long. I also need to take that stupid hat at the bottom of the picture apart.

We have about two and a half walls painted. Yea. I helped. It rained all day. What else was I going to do? Elvis helped too.

Maude went out when the rain had stopped, but we had a downpour while she was gone. I don’t know where she was, but when she finally showed up four hours later, she was soaked.


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One Response to “A New Purse”

  1. Christine Says:

    Isn’t painting so much fun? Ha! John is up and perky this morning and has the quarter round propped up outside ready for painting. I think I am going to get out of it except he left the house to take a years worth of bottles to the recycle place. It is supposed to go to plus 22C today. That is in the low 70’s F. finally nice weather. Poor Maude…hope she doesn’t catch a cold.

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