Better Today

Doug feels better today. I thought that I would have to do the shopping by myself, but he came with me. When we got home, he went to bed. He was really tired. He also washed and hung out the sheets.

Maude is still playing the drama queen. She slept in the far corner of the back room because she didn’t have the strength to get into her bed. This morning she gave out the most piteous meow. She’s going to turn up her toes and die. Zip says she smells funny and tried to beat her up. He got several squirts of water. I finally dabbed some cologne on his nose. D**n cats.

I have cut all my light strips and about half of the dark. That’s all I had time for. I need to clean up after Doug, hold Maude’s paw and make the bed.

One Response to “Better Today”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hilarious post. I can just see the drama being played out. I wonder, can Zip smell the vet or is he just jealous of the sympathy Maude is getting? What does cologne on the nose do? Glad to hear that Doug is feeling better. I finally finished my sweater and am feeling much better this morning. Maybe now that hte never ending flu is gone the never ending winter will go away.

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