Enjoying the Day

It was a great day for a walk. It was almost warm. I didn’t need a sweater, just gloves and a sun hat which I almost lost to the wind.

It was also a good day to hang out the wash. Here is the other direction. Enjoy your day.

2 Responses to “Enjoying the Day”

  1. Christine Says:

    I have wanted a wash line for years. Ahhh…the fresh smell! I find it strange that in the city people are not allowed wash lines or if they are there are strict rules on the kind of wash line that they can have. This was supposed to be progress. In this day and age of trying to save energy you would thing it would be encouraged. This sometimes makes me think that the global warming issues are a farce. Can you imagine the energy saved if everybody hung their wash out when the weather allowed? In Canada they are going to outlaw the old style of light bulbs but you still can’t hang your wash out in the cities!

  2. nancy Says:

    Nothing smells nicer than wash that has dried in the outdoors. I hardly ever use my dryer, Luckily, in our climate, I’m able to hang my clothes outside every wash. The city of Phoenix still allows us to put clothes lines in our yards. However, many of the new housing developments will not allow clothes lines in the yard. I agree with Christine, with all the talk of saving energy, hanging clothes is something that everyone can do. It also doesn’t cost a fortune to help preserve the planet!! One thing I can’t understand about Arizonan. We have sunshine almost 365 days a year, and they haven’t pushed solar energy at all. Once in awhile someone in the local gov. will get on the soap box and mention that we should do it here, but it is always a lot of talk that goes nowhere.

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