Ruthie Update

September 2, 2015

patterns ruth 005box ruth 009

As you can see, she is growing nicely.  It’s very hard to take pictures of her when awake.  She is very active.  It is very hard to believe her leg is broken.  You should see her run when Sweetums clinks the can of cat food.  She loves to pester the other animals, bite toes from under the bed, help sort the clean clothes and rearrange my yarn.

At first, when I pushed and prodded her injured leg, I got no reaction.  Now, she pushes and kicks back.  And she does NOT likes those toes tickled!  She goes outside and manages to climb the deck railing, but doesn’t walk it much.  She loves to bring in acorns and leaves and crickets and even a cicada to play with.  She is absolutely the worse color and has been stepped on a few times.  I can’t wait for Dr. Mike to see her and the progress she has made.

Time for a New Raincoat

August 24, 2015

My old one went ‘somewhere’ when we moved.  I thought, I really don’t need one anymore.  Then, last week, while getting my hair done, the rain came down in buckets.  Even though I was parked right outside the door, I didn’t want to chance it.  A hooded raincoat would have been nice.  My favorite quilt shop was having a sale.  I bought Amy Butler’s raincoat pattern, but I didn’t like any of their laminated fabric.  I started looking elsewhere.  I had no idea there were so many.  I spent about two hours looking yesterday and another hour today and I still haven’t made up my mind.  You know it can’t be ordinary.  Totally bizarre is probably my best bet—less likely to get run over.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I think I’ll go knit.

cardi 003  Out on the deck, of course.

Shell Cardigan

August 21, 2015

A friend gave me several skeins of Tufutsie yarn.  She said she got it at a flood sale on impulse.  She knew that I had made socks with it, but I really didn’t think I’d be making another eight or ten pair.  What wanted was a light weight cardigan.  I have lots and lots of tiny balls of leftover sock yarn.  This extra yarn was really inspiring me.  I was considering entrelac or mitered squares and I played with different needles and made samples.  I finally realized that this wasn’t what I wanted.  While flipping through books and magazines, It came to me.  Shells.  It’s been years.  I knew I had some patterns somewhere.  So I went on-line.  I found four places.  Lucky for me, I had three.  I pulled them out, knit samples and made up my mind.

ruth nip yarn socks 006

cardi 005  Nice.

Some Things are Just Fun to Make

August 14, 2015


007  All you need is a package of mini-charms and an 8 by 10″ piece of batting.

Taiyo Socks

August 10, 2015

baby sock 005

baby sock 003

baby sock 004  One of my favorite heels.  I should use it more often.

ruth nip yarn socks 022   Traditionally, these are supposed to be white.

Dumped On Again

August 1, 2015

humble ruth 011

This is Ruth.  She is named after my Aunt.  We found  her Tuesday morning while walking the dog.  After spending all morning trying to find a place to take her, I took her to the vet’s.  What else could I do?  I’ve got other animals to think about.  Doctor Mike doesn’t take appointments.  Just sign in before Noon and you’ll be seen.  I always take my knitting and a bottle of water.  Ruth was de-wormed, de-fleed, de-ear mited and shot.  She was also x-rayed do to a limp.  She has a broken leg, so I guess she is mine forever.  You’d never know it the way she runs around.  Naming her Ruth is appropriate.  My Aunt Ruth lost the use of one eye and Little Ruthie has lost the use of one leg.

A Happy Boy

July 24, 2015

Last evening, we shut off the air conditioning and opened windows.  I love real air and I slept very well.  The humidity has remained low so we’ve enjoyed 24 hours of fresh air.  Sweet Baby Rue spent the night out.  He loves the cool breezes on his fur.  And what did he do all day?  He got to sleep all day on the porch.  He was a happy boy.

baby sock 002

All Done

July 19, 2015

finished 002

I think I m going to get good use from this sweater.  Even though it is too hot, I tried it on.  And, it’s just right!  You’d think that after all the years that I have been knitting, I’d have the confidence that should go with those years.  But, I don’t.  I still agonize over every thing I make.  Is this good or bad?  Many times, I have taken things apart and re-worked them.  I have literally worn out both yarn and fabric with this craziness.  For the most part, it’s been worth it.  I usually finish what I begin.  There are a few exceptions.  I have a robe made from an old bedspread, a sweater and a vest.  The sweater and vest will be completed ‘some day’.  I’m still not certain about that robe.

Getting There

July 11, 2015

sweater 001

My sweater is almost finished.  I weaved in most of the ends.  One sleeve and side seam are finished.  The neckband  and sleeve cuff look like a different color, but they were made with one color rather than two like the rest.  I only had five hanks of the blue and seven of the multi so I improvised.  It’ll be nice on chilly days with the long sleeve tee or turtleneck.  And, well, it’s been fun to knit.

I was hanging up the last two skirts that needed fixing when I found another skirt that I was planning to shorten YEARS AGO.  I think I put it back because it is going to be quite a pain.  The hem is asymmetric and there’s embroider.  I told myself that I didn’t like the waistband anyway.  But, it has set-in pockets.  So, now it’s hanging on the wall behind my sewing cabinet.  It may be there a while.

Trying to Get Things Accomplished

July 8, 2015

Last night I finished the main pieces for my pullover.  Tonight, I ‘ll put the shoulders together using the three needle bind-off.  I also hope to finish the neckband.  Then, I need to blanket stitch the side seams and, lastly, rib around the bottom.

sweater 003  It’s a simple two stitch, one row pattern with a knit at the beginning and end of each row.  Yarn over, slip slip knit-a no-brainer.  If you must knit when you have a roaring headache, this is a great pattern.  The yarn I used is mostly silk which has very little give.  I went up a needle size in order to get the right ‘look’.

I’m really happy to be finally completing this top.  It should have been finished weeks ago.  I had no idea headaches could be so debilitating.


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