Taking A Picture of My Cat

May 17, 2015

Sheena, Warrior Princess was sitting on her new throne looking happy and content.  I got out my camera.

flo 005  And she gives me ‘The Look’.

flo 006   “Stupid Human”

flo 008   Why do I bother?

Green Socks for Summer

May 14, 2015

I was thinking about knitting some socks with my pretty Knitcircus yarns, but then I remembered that Summer is coming.  I really shouldn’t use wool, so I went with the Panda Silk I bought off the yarn truck last month.  I found a pattern I liked in a recent copy of Vogue Knitting.

sock 002

It has a Channel Island cast-on that is made with some metallic variegated leftover yarn.

sock 004

The four wavy lines were fiddly, but worth the work.

sock 005


Recuperating After MD Sheep &Wool

May 12, 2015

The older I get, the longer it takes to do anything.  I’ve been home for a week and I still haven’t finished  unpacking.  I also need to send some pictures and show you my purchases.  To make matters worse,  just when the bursitis was getting better, I got the worse migraine headache ever and I’m still in a bit of a fog.

My classes with Beth Brown-Reinsel were absolutely fabulous.  I like her teaching methods and the history lesson that accommodates every class.  Knowing the origins of  the many types of knitting is very enjoyable for me.

004  009

Of course the tiny sweaters are great, too.

Any of you get Beth’s newsletter?  When I opened it this morning,  I was very surprised to see…..me.  That’s me next to the mitts/gloves.  Her site is http://www.KnittingTraditions.com.

Quickie Mug Mats

April 20, 2015

I bought some fabric panels that were on sale.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but, they were on sale.  Then came shedding season.  I could tell which cat liked which chair by looking at the color of fur on it.  I had two of three different panels so I made  quickie chair mats.

001   I  like this one so much that I put it on my kitchen island.   This panel also had six squares along the top, so I made mug mats.  They didn’t take anytime to make.  Sometimes I need a no-brainer.

sweater mug rue 020  Now, back to applique.

Waiting for My Sweater to Dry

April 10, 2015

I finished my sweater Sunday night.  The construction was not like anything I’ve done before.  I really enjoyed making it.  There were no seams to sew, only ends to weave in.  It is called Hitatude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu.  This designer has several other patterns, but this is the only one that I wanted to knit.

cake 007  Here it is on Monday before blocking.  I was busy and didn’t get to blocking until Tuesday.  And now, it’s still a little damp, especially the sleeves.  I’m hoping for Saturday.  I want to wear it.  The weather is perfect for it.

sweater 004  Waiting!

I’m going to knit socks next.  I got these out from Knitcircus, but I haven’t decided.

007  What to do?  What to do?

I Needed a Slip

April 4, 2015

It happens.  You buy a new dress.  It fits well, but a slip would help.  It has to be the right slip.  And what you have doesn’t work.  You hit a few stores, but have no luck.  What is so hard about buying a slip?  It had to be cotton with no lace.  Who in their right mind wears nylon or polyester in the summer?  You look on-line.  That didn’t work.  OK.  How about a pattern for said slip?  There seems to be one, just one, that will work.  Do you want to wait a week? You already have the fabric.  Wait!  Didn’t that new dress pattern mention a slip?  Eureka!  Other than the girls being too big, it was just what was needed.  Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!


Is It Spring Yet?

March 25, 2015

I wasn’t certain after the snow on the first day.  It’s been chilly since then.  It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow, but with thunderstorms. What good is that?  I need to be warm.  I’m tired of being cold.

Our geese seem to know it’s Spring.  They’ve been getting their nest ready on our little isle.  She laid her eggs a few days ago.  I like to watch her plucking her down for the nest.  I hope I’ll be home when they hatch.

I’ve been trying to decide what to sew.  I recently bought a dress and slip pattern and a skirt pattern.  I’m not one for dresses and skirts, but I really liked these patterns.  I never find anything in the big name stores anymore.  They are all so boring.  I love going to little shops, in real life and the internet.  They offer so much more than I ever imagined.

fabric patterns 002


Making Fun Stuff

March 18, 2015

me make fun 002  I need  to make four of these and some fish placemats, but I have at least a year to do it.

me make fun 003  Felt mules.  Great for cold feet.

me make fun 008  A door hanger for St. Patrick’s day and I’m not even Irish.

snow tuna 003 Tuna casserole.   Is there a better winter meal?

This is what I do when I can’t decide what to make.  I have since started a sweater using fingering weight yarn and size four needles.  I can’t seem to take a picture yet that looks like anything.  Maybe it will look better when I finish another section.

I’m Still A Little Teary

March 7, 2015

Last week, between the snows and ices, I went to Reisterstown.  My son had invited me to an interactive murder mystery dinner theatre.  It took place in a beautiful old building on Charles Street called the Grand Historic Venue in downtown Baltimore.  It was originally built by the freemasons as the Grand Lodge in 1866.  There was marble everywhere and even a very nice doorman, complete with top hat.  The theatre was in a ballroom on the fifth floor.   There were high arches over leaded glass windows and lovely chandeliers.  The meal was pretty good.  I have no complaints.  It wasn’t too much or too little or exotic.  By the time dessert came out, I was full.  I only ate half of it.  With my six and a half foot tall son sitting next to me, it didn’t go uneaten.  The murder mystery was a lot of fun.  I had never been to anything like that before and I really enjoyed myself.  I have a very nice son.  He still continues to surprise me.

The next day, we had freezing rain and ice with a thin layer of snow on top.  Needless to  say, I wasn’t going anywhere.  I helped my son turn a long-sleeved shirt into short sleeves.  You can’t just cut off the ends and turn up a hem.  You have play with the under-arm seam so that the hem is without puckers.  It can be fiddly.  I talked him through the first one and he fixed the second with me just watching.

I headed home two days later, but not without stopping to visit my old friend, Joyce.  It had been at least forty-five years since we had seen each other.  Before then, I felt that I had known her all my life.  But, you know, life gets in the way and we lost tract of each other.  A month ago,  she sent me an e-mail.  Man.  Was I surprised!   After hugs and tears, we sat at the dining table with coffee and cake and talked and talked.  I remember thinking that since the freezing rain wasn’t going to start until 3PM, I could stay until then.  It didn’t happen.  Around 1PM we heard the ice pellets hitting the window.  I really didn’t want to leave, but, what could I do?  After more hugs and tears I left.  I was sad, but happy. I felt that there would be many more happy hours together.


Ho Hum

February 21, 2015

place mats winhat slippers snow cats 005  Sweetums was nice enough to clear a path for the cats.

I’m not a fan of winter.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for ice and snow.  And cold.  My hundred and forty year old knees make it  very hard to get around.  Other than the supermarket, I haven’t gone anywhere.  Not even a doggie walk.  It’s the only disadvantage to living on a little tree-lined road.

place mats winhat slippers snow cats 004  Even my sewing has suffered.  Here’s something I could have made when I was eight.  Maybe I did make something like this.  It’s been over sixty years since I first learned to sew.  I can’t remember everything.  I do remember Nannie drawing flowers on a handkerchief and showing me how to embroider them.  It was before I learned to read and write.  I had the BEST grandmother.

My knitting is suffering also.  These are all no-brainers.

place mats winhat slippers snow cats 011  A hat for my big headed son.

place mats winhat slippers snow cats 013  Slippers for my daughter.  Currently, I am making cat  pods.  Then I’ll throw them all in the washer to felt.  Whoopee.


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